Moissanite Gemstones – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Diamonds are a girls best friend right? That seems to be less and less true with every passing year. Moissanite seems to be gaining a greater market share the more time that passes.

Moissanite RingCharles and Colvard, the original producer of love created moissanite, debuted its expanded moissanite collection at the JCK Las Vegas show this past June. Not only is the expanded collection of better quality than Charles and Colvard’s past collections, but a new stone has entered the realm of the moissanite producer’s variety of cuts.

As mentions in the article:

The new Asscher cut will be available in two size options exclusively in the company’s Forever One collection, Charles & Colvard’s first line of moissanite with D-E-F color range.

“I believe the new shape and sizes of Forever One will be met with enthusiasm since demand for this colorless moissanite continues to grow,” said Charles & Colvard president and CEO, Suzanne Miglucci. “I am confident our customers are going to be happy with the new options we are presenting at JCK. These popular cuts and sizes will fill the void in the market for brilliant gemstones that offer today’s consumer affordable luxury.”

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Although Charles and Colvard has held patents for production of moissanite for a really long time, the patents have expired as of 2016 in the USA bringing rise to some very healthy up-and-coming competition.

Charles and Colvard had the lion’s share of the market for such a long duration of time that I’m not quite sure they’re going to know how to handle the competition and other laboratories that are ready to enter this marketplace.

Proof of this, are the comments made by Guy Stimpson in a recent article in the interview with

“Then there’s Wholesale Moissanite, which, like Charles & Colvard, is based in North Carolina, and is owned by Guy Stimpson, one of the first Charles & Colvard salespeople. It is now selling product that is produced abroad under the brand name NEO.

“I’ve been at this since I was 22,” Stimpson says. “I’ve been waiting for the patent to end for a lot of years.” He says his goal is to create a “new standard” for the business.

He expects that the new entrants will lead to three results: The quality will increase, the price will drop, and awareness will rise.

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Independent owner’s of moissanite rings are taking to youtube to show them off 🙂

Many independent jewelers are now also retailing moissanite as a diamond alternative in engagement rings.

What initially appeared as an item that was not likely to gain steam amongst engagement ring shoppers, the eco-friendly grown in the lab lure that moissanite offers versus gems that are mined and wrecking havoc on the environment… The millennial generation that is all for eco-friendly products has really taken a liking to it.

According to this online retailer, who is putting moissanite and diamond head-to-head in a very extensive comparison, moissanite is brighter than diamond:

“The refractive index of gemstones is a good measure of how much sparkle the faceted gem will have.

Higher refractive index gems simply sparkle more and continue to shine even when they are dirty.

Refractive Index: Moissanite Versus Diamond
Moissanite: 2.67
Diamond: 2.42
Cubic Zirconia: 2.21
Sapphire: 1.77

When comparing both moissanite and diamond on the refractometer, we can see that the refractive index of moissanite is higher than diamond.”

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Unfortunately, on the darker side of the brightness and sparkle, there exists those dishonest jewelers who are known to switch out customers diamonds for moissanite.

For as far back as jewelers can recount, coupled with the many horror stories of many consumers, the thieves that exist among us are drawn to the jewelry business oftentimes because there is room to cheat and steal.

According to this story covered by CBS local, a local jeweler was accused and arrested for switching customers diamonds and replacing them with moissanite:

“The store’s owner — accused of stealing hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry — was arrested last month.

Jeweler Consulting Customers - Worst Fear

Officials said customers have been coming to the store ever since in hopes of finding their diamonds.
KCAL9’s Elsa Ramon reports the customers might never get satisfaction — or their jewels back. The man killed himself after he was let out on bail.

Ara Ghazarian, accused of swapping out customers’ diamonds, was found dead on June 28

Janet Feith knows she probably won’t ever again see the original diamond from the wedding ring her husband gave her.
She took the diamond to Ghazarian, owner of Jewelry Unlimited in Ventura , to have it made into a necklace for a very special reason.

“He took my original diamond my husband gave me 30 years ago that I was saving for my daughter,” Feith said…”

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There you have it folks! The good, the bad and the ugly of the moissanite jewelry business.

Whatever you do, please do your due diligence when shopping for expensive jewelry and/or when having your existing diamond jewelry serviced.

If you must leave your diamond jewelry behind for servicing, always get an appraisal by a certified gemologist before leaving your jewelry behind anywhere. Once you pick up your item, you should take it back to the same gemologist immediately to verify that the diamonds are still as originally appraised.